Karlene Treurnicht would like to welcome you to
Dog Challenge.  Here at Dog Challenge we ex-
clusively use Positive Reinforcement & Motivatio-
nal Training Methods, which include Clicker
Training and TTouch™.

All our training methods are based on up to date
research and nothing is based on myths or harm-
ful training techniques.  At Dog Challenge both
owner and dog will feel satisfied, happy and confi-

We offer fun and interactive dog training with
hands-on instruction for all breeds and ages. 

Why Dog Challenge?

• We teach you to understand how your dog
   thinks, learns and communicates by helping
   you to understand your canine.
• We have a solution for you, whether it's training a new puppy, improving your dog's
   obedience, or fixing unwanted behavior problems.
• We are committed to providing you and your dog with the best training and behavior
   counseling available.
• You will learn how to properly handle and effectively communicate with your dog and
   build a lifelong bond of trust.
• All our training methods are based on up to date research and nothing is based on
   myths or harmful training techniques

What We Don't Do

• We do not use fear-based, submissive-dominant techniques. (Alpha Roll) Such methods
   only confuse your dog and destroy his self confidence. Your dog should never fear
   your hands as they should only be used for petting, giving food, etc. - not shaking,
   hitting, or rolling your dog as a form of correction.
• We do not use, and will never recommend the use of electronic training (shock) collars!
   Many great dogs have been ruined by the use of shock collars. It only causes your
   dog anxiety, fear and aggression.
• We do not believe your dog must view you as it's pack leader. You are not a dog and
   surely your dog knows this. However, by utilizing our training methods, we help you
   to establish yourself as your dogs "guardian". You will naturally assume a leadership
   role when you learn to communicate with your dog.

We want the dog to do things with and for you because the dog wants what you can give
him -- not because he wants to avoid what you can do to him. We believe in fun,
educational and friendly training!!
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